Thursday, September 4, 2008

NCST must feel really shitty about right now

'Cuz South Cackalacky fuckin' blows this year. I found out about a few things while watching the Vandy-SC game at in of the frattiest environs ever. Whatev. I was wearin' my Sperrys and an old Lacoste, so shit was good. Okay here is what I learned:

a) Captain Munnerlyn will play for the Falcons one day because he has an attitude, thinks he's a big enough star that he can get multiple penalties during crucial drives and is unable to cover Vandy receivers coming of the line without holding, despite possessing a 4.35 40 time. B-to-the-ullshit on that.
b) Bobby Johnson rules
c) One team's anonymous white rb becomes another team's anonymous white rb the next week. Call it Tim Riggins syndrome, I suppose.
d) No team should attempt a pass against South Carolina this season. And this isn't because the pass defense os stellar, either.
e) Jesse Palmer is Carson Palmer's brother. Think about that one. The bartender mentioned that. Also, bartenders at sports bars that are dudes tend to know less about sports than anyone.
f) That a South Carolina- Vandy game is way more exciting than a Giants-Redskins matchup.
g) Vandy might end up as a bowl eligible team this year, and South Carolina may not.
h) Steve Spurrier can't really much recruit better players at South Carolina than Bobby Johnson can at Vandy. I bet he'll hang this gig up after this season.
i) UGA fans will root for Vandy, though Vandy embarrassed the fuck out of UGA two years ago.
j) SEC football fucking rules. Oh wait, I knew that shit since I was a wee little lad.

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