Monday, September 8, 2008

Week Two late observations

Ah, I didn't get to see but about seven minutes of the re-cast of the Bama- Tulane game on CSS, but I'm happy I missed all but two plays. Alabama had zero offense with Andre Smith and Marlon Davis sitting, but Javier Arenas had an awesome 87-yard punt return td and Chris Rogers returned a blocked punt 17 yds. for another six. So, essentially, Beamer ball led the way for the Tide. Bama's defense has yet to relinquish a td, which is nice, but the offense has to regain its spark before the conference schedule, or the Tide is toast. Here's a clip of Arenas' return. I still think he's the best return man in the S.E.C., but I guess I may be a little biased regarding the matter.

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