Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Three Afterthoughts

1: USC is easily the best team in the nation right now. No reason to even debate the topic.
2: In an odd way, I kind of feel some sort of weird sympathy for Ohio State for a couple of reasons. This sentiment is weird because I detest the Buckeyes. Ohio State is caught in this odd conundrum in which the team is better than all other Big 10 teams and a safe bet to win the conference each year. However, the fans, players and Jim Tressel have to become tired of losing huge games and, not only losing, but being completely dominated in them.
3: Oklahoma is my pick to play USC in the BCS title game. The Sooners look tough, but Missouri, Kansas or Texas could probably knock Oklahoma off at some point.
4: Has somebody started yet?
5: Bama found it's offense again, albeit against the mightty Hilltoppers of Western Ky. jPW threw his fist pick, but he hit up about a million reeivers during the game. I think some of the fans were suiting up to catch passes. I want to watch the re-cast (is that a word?) on CSS if I get the chance.
6: UCLA sucks and BYU made a serious move to get that at-large BCS bowl bid.
7: How does Maryland turn around after losing to Middle Tennessee State in MTSU's barn (why go there any way?) and beat Cal? Are the Cal faithful with Tedford's squads just not showing up to play a few times each season.
8: Spurrier almost did it again against UGA. I was hella surprised, because I thought the Dawgs would get major revenge. UGA played sloppily and narrowly escaped with that one.
9: Is UNC for real?
10: The ACC continues to be a perplexing haven of mediocre football. Picking winners of ACC games could best be left up to a coin toss.
11: That being stated, Ga Tech is better than expected. The backfield duo of Jonathon Dwyer and Josh Nesbit is proving to be formidable.


JeffG said...

How long is this wearing Georgia Tech's ass for a hat going to continue? I find this kind of discussion as tedious as reading recipes for hot dog soup.

kenniebloggins said...

Huevos McGringo said...

how do you feel about USC after the oregon state upset. 25 pt fucking favorites. to be fair, shouldn't they drop farther than ohio state did (14).

but whatever, ESPN sucks these guys off just as much as ohio state. if they win out, they're still in the national title game.