Thursday, September 25, 2008

They're wearing black because they're going to a funeral...

At 1:04, Bama's strength and conditioning coach quips "They're wearin' black, cuz they're goin' to a funeral." A tide fan caught this and posted it on youtube, and it's caused a stir. However, most of the Bama players probably didn't even hear that remark. It's by far the quietest thing said over the course of the video. This game has people riled up over the most pussy-assed shit. Coaches wearing black, teams wearing black, everyone commenting on the relative importance/non-improtance of UGA wearing black. UGA fans posting stupid-ass comments like "The last time the Dawgs wore black, we whooped a team from that state's ass." No, dumbass, that would be Hawaii, which is not located in Alabama. But, thanks anyway for noticing. I mean, the game should be good, and players on either team need no need for extra incentive to be overly-amped about the game. Any top 10 team that isn't excited about a top matchup with another top 10 program doesn't deserve to be there.

If you plan to talk shit, take a page out of the book of Seminole lore from the 1988 FSU "Seminole Rap. This amazing shit-talking excursion led the Seminoles, led by the rhyme stylings of Deion Sanders, to lose 31-0 in the season opener to arch rival Miami. This may be the best 80s college football video that does not involve guys named Herschel, Bo, or Barry.


Huevos McGringo said...

so are you still anti blackout, as an avowed SEC traditionalist?

anyway, it's going to be a good game. i'm glad UGA got a solid victory over arizona state to get their confidence back. otherwise i honestly wouldn't be too optimistic.

Huevos McGringo said...

whoops. guess you addressed my first question two posts down.