Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's All About Respect

I was busy this afternoon, painting the stone exterior of my house a somber shade of black in the spirit of the week in preparation for the UGA annihilation of Bama, well maybe not that, exactly. But that being stated, I should probably black out the black out at my pad on Saturday in avoidance/celebration of this event Though not in my finest form, I must always remind everyone that Saturday is officially the first annual RESPECT THE TIDE DAY, and I hope to one day lobby to make it an official holiday in the state of Alabama, or at least my home town of Phenix City. Thanks tons, Justin for the pic, the memories and the post.

1 comment:

caddy said...

you know that you will have no problems with respecting the tide. (altho i will, of course, be wearing black and rooting for georgia to win.)