Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is it just me, or does nobody really care about this Super Bowl

In my lifetime, this year's Super Bowl has to be the least hyped ever. Is it that we're in a recession and people are worried about more serious matters? I doubt it when Paul Blart, Mall Cop grossed like a bazillion dollars over its first two weekends at the box office. Is it that we have an awesome President whom we can be excited about? Probably so, though his impending inauguration didn't dampen the attention paid to the BCS Championship game. Could it be that the only team playing in the Super Bowl that 99 percent of Americans were aware existed in literal sense of the word prior to this year's playoffs was the Steelers? Most likely! And, most people I've talked to are pulling for Arizona, just because it would be kinda cool. Which is where I fall. I don't hate the Steelers, but I like Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and Dansby and Antrelle Rolle and Edgerrin James, so I guess I would prefer that the Cardinals prevail. However, do I really care? Hell no? Am I getting a vid projector this year? Hell no! Am I gonna eat myself into a wing-filled stupor by halftime? Hell naw! In all actuality, I am far more excited about the prospect of seeing The Wrestler at Beechwood this weekend, because Mickey Rourke fucking rules!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Auburn football savior Clinton Durst is leaving the team because the new staff decided not to offer him a scholarship. Go figure.

Is anyone from the state of Alabama who plays football signing with Auburn this year?
Oh, yeah, this guy is.

Could someone tell Auburn's football program that it isn't on probation?
Well, maybe no one should let this little bit of info leak.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awesome News For the Tide

Kerry Murphy has been cleared to play for the Tide. Here's the article. Apparently, Murphy, a former five star dt from Hoover, could end up playing offense, though his heart is on the defensive line. Murphy was Saban's first commitment and it's taken him two years to become eligible to play for Bama. Murphy is another gargantuan Saban signee, weighing in at 325 and standing six feet five inches, which is a good deal more awesome than a bag of ginger snaps, if you ask me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why don't I care about the NFL playoffs this year?

Maybe I am burned out of the game after a long college season. Perhaps I'm just realizing there is more to life than watching football. But, maybe, just maybe, I don't care about any of the teams playing in the NFL playoffs this season. Yesterday, I watched just 5 minutes of the Game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers, and that was all the football I could take. i know the Ravens beat the Titans, but I just can't get excited over two defensive teams struggling to score and the Titans offensive players just waiting until their number is called and a Ravens defender sends them to the ICU for the next two weeks.

I plan on watching zero football today, as well.

For the record, I'm totally pulling for Arizona to win the Super Bowl. I know it won't happen, but Arizona, despite beating Atlanta, makes me smile when I think about that mediocre team with two awesome receivers, a good Christian qb, and a handful of aggressive defenders being an elite team in the NFL. It's awesome, actually.

Coffee Break (Pun Intended)

Bama's leading rusher, junior tailback Glen Coffee declared himself eligible for the NFL draft this week, which, though he should be a late rounds pick, comes as no surprise. Coffee finished second in the SEC in rushing with 10 tds and, with the Tide losing so much of its O-line, its only sensible that his stock may not rise any higher. Also, Coffee could lose carries to either Roy Upchurch or the country's top-rated high school rb, Trent Richardson. However, with Coffee leaving and Terry Grant's future uncertain (did he transfer or not), I wonder if Bama should try to recruit another running back to complement Richardson and to provide added depth.

Best of luck to Coffee. It was enjoyable watching him carry the ball these past couple of years. Hopefully, he won't end up on the Lions.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not That Anyone Reads This Blog


but Me & DJ Bloggins be gettin our DJ on tomorrow night for the 1st evah CRUNK & DISORDERLY Southern Hip Hop/ Classic Punk Dance Party.

shit goes down @ THE GO BAR right here in the city of Athens, GA.

bring ya ass and get ready to pop that p.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bye bye Knowshon and Matty Stafford

It'll be interesting to listen to all the UGA fans discuss Knowshon's departure from UGA, and far so than the decision of Matt Stafford to go pro. Knowshon's legend was constructed by UGA fans, and, partially, by the school itself, which actually desided to spend money to pump a running back for the Heisman. When Knowshon broke out as a redshirt freshman last season, it was apparent that he was something special-the nimble feet, the lack of breakaway speed, the danceability, the navigation system that found the end zone repeatedly... I digress, but he was the second coming of Herschel, right? I mean, right? Oh, but without the Heisman Trophy, SEC and National Championships. Oh, right!
I'll like the Dawgs so much more now that he's gone.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rumor has it

that Terry Grant is transferring to North Alabama.
That makes me sad.