Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maybe Andre Woodson and DJ Hall get to practice together

Hey, so what do John Parker Wilson and DJ Hall have in common?
A: They'll both never get chosen in the NFL draft.
On Monday, The reigning NFL champions The New York Giants signed Alabama uber-asshole, I mean stud wide-receiver, Martinez "DJ" Hall, allowing him to entire the quagmire of the lower tier of the Giants receiving corps. Man, he may even have a chance at making the team by mid-season.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Draft day is no longer exciting for 2008

Psyche. But, I'm kind of disappointed that the Dolphins avoided any type of hyped ceremonial signing of their No. 1 overall draft pick Jake Long and ended all speculation of draft analysts by going ahead and signing the OT today. I would assume that this move would be wise, considering the fact that Miami's OL has sucked balls for the past few seasons.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've been lost

I haven't caught up since Final Four Weekend, for I was too depressed to write a word about the tourney after Carolina and the Memphis lost. i lost too and I puked. Since then, here is what has kept me busy sports-wise:
a: GDay on April 5. A rainy Gday game brings out 50,000 fewer fans than were expected. The Dawgs looked solid in the rain, and I got to see Caleb King and Richard Samuel carry the ball.
b: Final Four Pukefest. Carolina lost, I lost money and the gumbo I had just eaten. Too much whiskey, beer and birthday cake shots can ruin a man at midnight.
c: Braves-Mets on April 5 at Turner Field. Man, I woke up after puking the night before to the glorious news that Smoltz would be facing Santana. The day was a little overcast but lovely, the game was awesome and the Braves won 3-1 after Smoltz pitched brilliantly.
d: NCAA Championship: The game ended in such a fashion that I had to get all psychedelic and shit.
e: I've been playing tennis and shooting hoops again
f: ADay. Oh yeah, isn't this blog supposed to be about Bama football? I was in NYC, so I didn't make it to ADay, but 73,000 other people managed to come out for the April 12th intrasquad game. After watching the replay, I am a little optimistic about Bama's chances against the tougher teams. The defense looks aggressive, the receivers (Darius Hanks, rep) seem very capable and Terry Grant, Rashad Johnson and Andre Smith (duh) seem ready to play the season this week. Greg Mcelroy looks like a solid backup and Roy Upchurch looks good as usual. Earl Alexander may be a nice fit at wide receiver, too. I dunno. I still think this Crimson Tide team has a long way to go, but I think Saban is turning the team around. Probably more slowly than Bama fans want, but fucking deal with it, dudes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I can't believe I missed this when it aired

Saying goodbye to the Nature Boy

and pt.2 featuring the 4 Horsemen, Animal, Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race, Greg The Hammer Valentine, Dean Malenko, Chris Jerricho, his family and John Cena.

And in closing...

Now Flair can continue giving motivational speeches to the UF basketball team