Monday, September 22, 2008

Countdown To Ecstacy:Five Days and Counting

Okay, officially this is Bama-UGA hype day two. UGA is calling for a blackout and Larry Munson has retired. The cynic in me fears a ploy for one last broadcast looms, but I hope so. Munson is by far the greatest college radio commentator of all time (sorry, Eli Gold, but you're a distant second in my world.) Bama fans are screaming undefeated season (unrealistically, as usual) and UGA has been screaming No.1 since last December. Oh, and Gameday will be in Athens for the first time in about a decade, so it only adds to the hysteria. I can't wait. I'm super excited about the game, win or lose. UGA is ranked three and were preseason No. 1s, and the Tide has moved up from 24 to 8 in a span of four weeks. And, UGA fans aren't talking as much shit as I anticipated, though Alabama fans are. Anyway, nobody mentions any of the Tide's players except for a pair of linemen, one being of the offensive variety and the other lining up on the other side of the ball. I think they are interested in this one in particular.

Sorry, it's against Western Kentucky. Bigger teams take up too much space, when the subject of this post is taken into consideration.


DJ said...

Man, ive been looking around some blogs this morning and there ARE a lot of Bama fans talking some mad shit. Seems like the UGA fans are just stoked on the blackout, and all the Bama dudes are like - SABAN TOLD US NOT TO GIVE A FUCK.

That saban's got jokes, son!

kenniebloggins said...

Depends on the blogs, but at first I saw mad shit talking and later today more excited/rational tempered comments mixed in. All SEC fanbases have tons of meg-shit talkers. If you wanna see some real shittalking, just look at some of the threads on the bama and auburn sports blogs. Total reatardedness.