Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blackout Athens

Here is a good editorial that basically expresses my sentiments regarding alternate uniforms. I felt this way last year when UGA blacked out Auburn. It's pro-tradition, but gives a nod to the UGA guys who obviously love wearing black jerseys.

Saban obviously gave props to the blackout by wearing a black Bama polo to his Monday morning press conference, though he basically said he didn't care what UGA wears. Pretty fair, kinda funny, and it helped pull the bama fans intothe spirit of the week leading up to the game, if that was at all necessary.

And, finally, Javier Arenas' response when asked if he had seen Knowshon Mareno's highlights was pretty awesome. He said, "Have you seen my highlights?" He then went on to talk about Mareno's greatness, but, he said "we'll get after him." Eloquently stated, brah.

I guess lots of us have.

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