Sunday, September 28, 2008

I just finished watching the CSS re-broadcast of the Alabama-UGA game. Yep, the Tide still won the second time around. I need to make a VHS copy of that game and label it "MB's Cheer Me Up" tape so I can watch it whenever I feel sad.

Friday, September 26, 2008

UGA fans are elated

UGA fans have pics of voluptuous, sultry, number one's dancing in their dreams after USC's dramatic interpretation of a mass fellating of a 100 ft. penis, as the Trojans dropped a quick one on the road 27-21 to the Beavers of Oregon State. UGA fans are so fucking happy that, with an impending victory over Alabam, the Dawgs could vault, no I mean hurdle over Oklahoma, in a manner akin to that of Mr. Knowshon Moreno, into the top spot in the polls. However, Blackout-infused UGA fans may want to slow that roll before going online to order Jaquizz Rodgers OSU jerseys and, instead invest in something more suited for teams in the Number One Position after 5 weeks of NCAA football.

Ahhh, yes. That shows up well on black.

Weezy F Blogger

Looks like Mr. Carter has humself a little side action blogging foe ESPN the Magazine. WEE A WEE A WEE WEE A WEE A WEE!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

They're wearing black because they're going to a funeral...

At 1:04, Bama's strength and conditioning coach quips "They're wearin' black, cuz they're goin' to a funeral." A tide fan caught this and posted it on youtube, and it's caused a stir. However, most of the Bama players probably didn't even hear that remark. It's by far the quietest thing said over the course of the video. This game has people riled up over the most pussy-assed shit. Coaches wearing black, teams wearing black, everyone commenting on the relative importance/non-improtance of UGA wearing black. UGA fans posting stupid-ass comments like "The last time the Dawgs wore black, we whooped a team from that state's ass." No, dumbass, that would be Hawaii, which is not located in Alabama. But, thanks anyway for noticing. I mean, the game should be good, and players on either team need no need for extra incentive to be overly-amped about the game. Any top 10 team that isn't excited about a top matchup with another top 10 program doesn't deserve to be there.

If you plan to talk shit, take a page out of the book of Seminole lore from the 1988 FSU "Seminole Rap. This amazing shit-talking excursion led the Seminoles, led by the rhyme stylings of Deion Sanders, to lose 31-0 in the season opener to arch rival Miami. This may be the best 80s college football video that does not involve guys named Herschel, Bo, or Barry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's All About Respect

I was busy this afternoon, painting the stone exterior of my house a somber shade of black in the spirit of the week in preparation for the UGA annihilation of Bama, well maybe not that, exactly. But that being stated, I should probably black out the black out at my pad on Saturday in avoidance/celebration of this event Though not in my finest form, I must always remind everyone that Saturday is officially the first annual RESPECT THE TIDE DAY, and I hope to one day lobby to make it an official holiday in the state of Alabama, or at least my home town of Phenix City. Thanks tons, Justin for the pic, the memories and the post.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blackout Athens

Here is a good editorial that basically expresses my sentiments regarding alternate uniforms. I felt this way last year when UGA blacked out Auburn. It's pro-tradition, but gives a nod to the UGA guys who obviously love wearing black jerseys.

Saban obviously gave props to the blackout by wearing a black Bama polo to his Monday morning press conference, though he basically said he didn't care what UGA wears. Pretty fair, kinda funny, and it helped pull the bama fans intothe spirit of the week leading up to the game, if that was at all necessary.

And, finally, Javier Arenas' response when asked if he had seen Knowshon Mareno's highlights was pretty awesome. He said, "Have you seen my highlights?" He then went on to talk about Mareno's greatness, but, he said "we'll get after him." Eloquently stated, brah.

I guess lots of us have.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Countdown To Ecstacy:Five Days and Counting

Okay, officially this is Bama-UGA hype day two. UGA is calling for a blackout and Larry Munson has retired. The cynic in me fears a ploy for one last broadcast looms, but I hope so. Munson is by far the greatest college radio commentator of all time (sorry, Eli Gold, but you're a distant second in my world.) Bama fans are screaming undefeated season (unrealistically, as usual) and UGA has been screaming No.1 since last December. Oh, and Gameday will be in Athens for the first time in about a decade, so it only adds to the hysteria. I can't wait. I'm super excited about the game, win or lose. UGA is ranked three and were preseason No. 1s, and the Tide has moved up from 24 to 8 in a span of four weeks. And, UGA fans aren't talking as much shit as I anticipated, though Alabama fans are. Anyway, nobody mentions any of the Tide's players except for a pair of linemen, one being of the offensive variety and the other lining up on the other side of the ball. I think they are interested in this one in particular.

Sorry, it's against Western Kentucky. Bigger teams take up too much space, when the subject of this post is taken into consideration.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why Falcons fans can love SEC football this season

This was one of the worst SEC asswhippings I've seen in a while. While I think Bama executed well in most aspects of the game, I think Arkansas is totally the worst team in the SEC by far. Falcons fans should have fun watching Petrino getting his ass handed to him each week. I feel bad for Mike Smith and Jonathon Luigs, for they deserve to play for a better team.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Three Afterthoughts

1: USC is easily the best team in the nation right now. No reason to even debate the topic.
2: In an odd way, I kind of feel some sort of weird sympathy for Ohio State for a couple of reasons. This sentiment is weird because I detest the Buckeyes. Ohio State is caught in this odd conundrum in which the team is better than all other Big 10 teams and a safe bet to win the conference each year. However, the fans, players and Jim Tressel have to become tired of losing huge games and, not only losing, but being completely dominated in them.
3: Oklahoma is my pick to play USC in the BCS title game. The Sooners look tough, but Missouri, Kansas or Texas could probably knock Oklahoma off at some point.
4: Has somebody started yet?
5: Bama found it's offense again, albeit against the mightty Hilltoppers of Western Ky. jPW threw his fist pick, but he hit up about a million reeivers during the game. I think some of the fans were suiting up to catch passes. I want to watch the re-cast (is that a word?) on CSS if I get the chance.
6: UCLA sucks and BYU made a serious move to get that at-large BCS bowl bid.
7: How does Maryland turn around after losing to Middle Tennessee State in MTSU's barn (why go there any way?) and beat Cal? Are the Cal faithful with Tedford's squads just not showing up to play a few times each season.
8: Spurrier almost did it again against UGA. I was hella surprised, because I thought the Dawgs would get major revenge. UGA played sloppily and narrowly escaped with that one.
9: Is UNC for real?
10: The ACC continues to be a perplexing haven of mediocre football. Picking winners of ACC games could best be left up to a coin toss.
11: That being stated, Ga Tech is better than expected. The backfield duo of Jonathon Dwyer and Josh Nesbit is proving to be formidable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not tryin' to start beef between a frosh and Knowshon, but...

Maybe UGA fans don't watch youtube clips of lil' white boys who are freshmen at Michigan who hurdle shit all the time, but pretty much everyone else has seen this, or at least some of these clips of Sam McGuffie. Pretty awesome stuff here.

And here's a comparison contrast of Reggie Bush vs Knowshon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Week Two late observations

Ah, I didn't get to see but about seven minutes of the re-cast of the Bama- Tulane game on CSS, but I'm happy I missed all but two plays. Alabama had zero offense with Andre Smith and Marlon Davis sitting, but Javier Arenas had an awesome 87-yard punt return td and Chris Rogers returned a blocked punt 17 yds. for another six. So, essentially, Beamer ball led the way for the Tide. Bama's defense has yet to relinquish a td, which is nice, but the offense has to regain its spark before the conference schedule, or the Tide is toast. Here's a clip of Arenas' return. I still think he's the best return man in the S.E.C., but I guess I may be a little biased regarding the matter.

Best fantasy draft ever

Chris Cooley always continues to amaze, and his fantasy draft, featuring Jason Campbell, Fred"double dong" Smoot and Colt Brennan, among Redskins is really hilarious. Thanks, Griggs and footbizzle dudes for showing this gem to me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I've been quiet all week, but...

This is kinda how I felt during Bama's win over Clemson.
Second best performance by a team last week- definitely. Number One with a bullet, aw naw hell naw.
We back, y'all. Buck as fuck Bama. So, to sum up last weekend, here's another audio-visual nmber for you dudes and dudettes (I mean Justin, who may be the only reader if one exists).

Nappy Roots featuring Greg Street. Song o' my summer.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

NCST must feel really shitty about right now

'Cuz South Cackalacky fuckin' blows this year. I found out about a few things while watching the Vandy-SC game at in of the frattiest environs ever. Whatev. I was wearin' my Sperrys and an old Lacoste, so shit was good. Okay here is what I learned:

a) Captain Munnerlyn will play for the Falcons one day because he has an attitude, thinks he's a big enough star that he can get multiple penalties during crucial drives and is unable to cover Vandy receivers coming of the line without holding, despite possessing a 4.35 40 time. B-to-the-ullshit on that.
b) Bobby Johnson rules
c) One team's anonymous white rb becomes another team's anonymous white rb the next week. Call it Tim Riggins syndrome, I suppose.
d) No team should attempt a pass against South Carolina this season. And this isn't because the pass defense os stellar, either.
e) Jesse Palmer is Carson Palmer's brother. Think about that one. The bartender mentioned that. Also, bartenders at sports bars that are dudes tend to know less about sports than anyone.
f) That a South Carolina- Vandy game is way more exciting than a Giants-Redskins matchup.
g) Vandy might end up as a bowl eligible team this year, and South Carolina may not.
h) Steve Spurrier can't really much recruit better players at South Carolina than Bobby Johnson can at Vandy. I bet he'll hang this gig up after this season.
i) UGA fans will root for Vandy, though Vandy embarrassed the fuck out of UGA two years ago.
j) SEC football fucking rules. Oh wait, I knew that shit since I was a wee little lad.