Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bama starts three new players against Clemson

Just as everyone expected, Julius Jones will start at x (split) receiver for Bama. Don'ta Hightower will start at linebacker and all 380 lbs. of Terrence Cody will start at nose tackle, in an obvious attempt to plug Clemson's furious ground attack, featuring CJ Spiller and James Davis. Spiller and Davis may be the most wicked combo in the NCAA this year, but if not the most, they are pretty close to the top.
Bama was expected to start a freshman at linebacker, but many people thought Jerrell Harris would get the nod for the opener. However, Harris is expected to contribute immediately.
As of right now, Bama is a 5.5 pt. underdog, but the closer the game gets, the better I actually feel about the Tide's chances to take this one.

Also expect freshmen Mark Ingram, BJ Scott and Mark Barron to play in the opener.

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