Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Greatest Sporting Event of All Time

This will give you a gambling option after your bracket has burst.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fuck your brackets!

Man, I'm so tired of hearing my co-worker talk about how he is going to win the NCAA tourney Pick'em I put together if Xavier makes it to the Final Four. Man, I could really give a fuck. Two of my three remaining Calcutta teams went out last night, leaving UNC to either win money for my partner and me, or lose everything. Man, having your bracket burst when you have $10 invested is nothing compared to dropping few hundred which is nothing compared to what degenerate gamblers do on a weekly basis, so my superior attitude is bullshit. Anyway, Davidson survives with the entire student body and Lebron James watching the game in Detroit. Wisconsin never exploited its size advantage and entered a shooting battle. Texas' guard play demolished Stanford and Memphis straight destroyed Michigan State. If Memphis can get by Texas, I do have a great chance of winning the other pool I entered, but then again, $60 ain't shit.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts on Round Two of the NCAA tourney

The 2nd round of the 2008 NCAA tourney was nothing short of stunning. Nothing like last year's event, to say the least. Stanford vs Marquette was a major nailbiter, as was the Texas A&M-UCLA match-up. The Tennessee-Butler game was exactly what I expected, and even my liking of Butler did not dissuade me from picking Tennessee. I knew that shit would go the distance, though. Georgetown fucked up bigtime. And, Michigan State finally decided to play some ball. Most people were sucking Pitt off with good reason (including kenniebloggins), and it's sad to see LaVance Fields and co. go home. But man, fuck it, when a team is hot, they are fucking on fire and that is the MSU Spartans. West Fucking Virginia beat Duke and I can't believed I choked on picking them. Good fucking team. And, of the one seeds, UNC was by far the hottest in the second round. They just blew the fuck past a tough Arkansas squad. Washington St. looks hot too, but those hippies probably need to begin thinking about next season. Louisville was sick against Oklahoma. So after two rounds, I am sweet upon the following teams:
UNC, Stanford and Michigan St. (due to monetary concerns)
West Fucking Virginia (cuz Huggins loves West Fucking Va.)
Kansas and UCLA (duh)
and Davidson, just because... (Sorry Hoyas, you guys fucked my bracket)...
and I'm giving Tennessee some love, too. The Tennessee-Louisville game should be incredible.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

All Hail Michael Beasley

Thoughts from Day One of the 2008 NCAA Tournament...
1: If your season starts with a loss at home to Mercer, it should justifiably end with being upset by Kansas State. It's okay OJ Mayo, if you stay next year, maybe you can room with Lil Romeo.
2: Belmont is in Tennessee, if you are still wondering. They also need to learn a new inbounds play or two.
3: Georgia can't trick teams in the MIdwest by playing slowed down 1980s era high schoolesque basketball.
4: Kansas looks pretty damn ready to go far.
5: Purdue and Michigan State are playing better than anticipated. Pitt and Stanford look good.
6: Kent sucks.
7: Duke is not a good tournament team any more.
8: Who gives a fuck about Dionte Christmas?
9: Why does Coach K always dress the same? For like, ever. Does he go swimming in that suit?
10: West Virginia is playing pretty well at the moment, despite being coached by Bob Huggins. Seniors on the team will never graduate. That is almost a fact, as far as Huggins is concerned.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

They were staring at the dark, but their eyes were watching God.

This is one of the weirdest sports moments I have ever witnessed. Amazing game, and this happens. The game was delayed an hour and Bama came out cold. Mississippi State prevailed, but Mark Gottfried's wife is still hot. Man, he has some damn kids doesn't he? I was downtown watching it, and nobody knew what happened due to there being no sound on the television. A quick call to my pops confirmed the weather situation, and I passed the word along to my newly-met Bama found comrade.

Once again, this may be the best SEC basketball tournament ever. I'm locking myself in my house for the next three weeks. fuk all y'all. I'm in this shit to win it.

Why I love this motherfucking month so much

Man, UGA beats Kentucky in overtime, even without Sundiata Gaines. Shit was played at Tech, without fans and only families and cheerleaders in attendance. The SEC may have sucked during regular season, but the tourney rocks it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yah Bitch Yah!

Bama sent Flo-ri-da reeling tonight. See you in the NIT, bitch. Damn, at one point, I thought Prothro was gonna check in.
Actually, Florida gave Bama a huge scare after being down by 26.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lol ballers...I has me some websites and Kevin Love some shameless self promotion

If you are feeling the onset of March Madness and have yet to actually watch any basketball games, perhaps you'll want to visit this website to familiarize yourself with one of this year's crop of freshmen whose name you'll hear increasingly as long as he decides to stay in college (dig this dudes... He's big, he's white and he's good, so you'll be led to think he's the next Lew Alcindor until he turns pro and becomes mediocre). Actually, I was thinking of Tyler Hansbrough, and since Love was just named Pac-10 Player of the Year and Pac-10 Freshman of the Year, so he's probably declaring for the draft in about three weeks. So, get ready for KEVIN LOVE, the UCLA frosh decided that it was crucial to have his own website where readers may find out the following tidbits about his life:
a: He's Mike Love's nephew and cousins of Brian, the late Dennis and the late Carl Wilson, so he is eligible to join Beach Boys Family and Friends Version 2.0
b: His dad is former Oregon and NBA baller Stan Love.
C: His Aunt Cathleen McCarthy (Hearst) won the Women's 1982 Ironman Competition

And, then on his home page, we find out the really crucial facts surrounding Kevin Love's life:
Kevin Love has shown a skill level that is absolutely unheard of amongst big men in the college ranks—knocking down NBA 3-pointers with ease, putting the ball on the floor with either hand, using pump-fakes, spin-moves, jump-stops and creating his own shot with fantastic footwork. He’s rebounding the ball well, throwing beautiful outlet passes, contesting shots around the basket, and even coming up with a few blocks on occasion.
Kevin Love’s body looks better and better every time we see him, as he’s shed a good amount of weight and is now probably only 10 pounds or so away from being in optimal shape. Kevin Love can’t necessarily be called an athletic player, but playing next to or going up against physically gifted big men like Brook Lopez, Steven Hill and Robert Dozier, he has looked absolutely fine and has not had a problem doing whatever he wants out on the floor.

Scouting Obviously having benefitted from being the son of former NBAer and Oregon Duck Stan Love, Kevin Love is so advanced in his post moves he'd start for most Pac-10 schools right now. Physically he looks like he could still develop, with a good body and square shoulders. If he continues to grow and his athleticism continues to improve, he might not play college basketball. A top ten national player for 2007.

All of this is listed without any hint of irony or humor. I know Love isn't writing this material, but I really wish he were. I could see him, drinking Vitamin Water, still wearing practice gear as a bead of sweat trickles off his forehead and rests upon his chinstrap beard as he sits poised pensively in front of his 24-inch monitored IMac. He's thinking to himself, "What amazing shit can I write about Kevin Love that already hasn't been written." Oh, wait, I'll just post that youtube clip of me breaking a backboard in high school. That was pretty cool. Yeah, I'll post that."

Actually, I found the site while looking for a google image of Love with his chinstrap beard. Needless to say, I was enthralled.

Here's that youtube clip of him breaking that backboard:

Goodnight sweet Shaun Alexander?

Earlier this week, Seattle signed Cowboys starting running back Julius Jones to a four-year deal worth about three million dollars per year. Last week, the Seahawks also signed TJ Duckett to a multi-year deal. Is Shaun Alexander on his way out in Seatown? Probably so, would be my guess. Alexander has been injured during a large portion of the past two seasons, and his contract is astronomical. When his thirty years of age are added into the equation, it makes total sense for Seattle to cut their former stud rb. The most interesting part of Jones' departure from Dallas is that the Cowboys are left with Marion Barber as a lone number one running back. It seems likely that Jerry Jones obsession with drafting Darren McFadden may come to fruition if the Cowboys can trade up in the draft to be in a position to draft DMac. I'm not really the biggest Cowboys fan in the world, but it would be pretty awesome for McFadden to actually play for a professional team that is perennial in the national spotlight.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bama fans are always eloquent when pontificating upon their love of Tennessee

My friends Jeff and Dana, who have been known to have romantic interludes with one another from time to time, sent me this clip (independently of one another), which features a Bama fan eloquently pledging his complete hatred of Tennessee. This clip has made the rounds of the major sports blogs recently, and I am being a total bandwagoneer by posting it here. However, I am definitely inviting the Bama fan over to my apartment on the third Saturday of October this year to discuss Tennessee's colors as well as the pulchritde of Neyland Stadium.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A little late...

So, Bama's men's basketball team ended the regular season on a high note, beating 16th-ranked Vanderbilt 78-73 in overtime. Mykal Riley went crazy in overtime to lift the Tide. Now, Bama faces the Commodores in the first round of the SEC tourney next week. I'm a little dismayed with the win, because, realistically, Bama has an almost zero chance of winning the SEC tournament, and Vandy's seeding in the NCAA tournament will be damaged by the loss. Since Bama sucks this year, Vandy defacto SEC for which I will cheer in the coming weeks.