Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Knuck if U Buck, Hoe!

I think Lil Scrappy may be hosting the Alabama high school boys basketball state tourney this year. This brawl is pretty raw, to say the least. Carver-Montgomery and Valley get their weight up to what may involve a double forfeit in the 2nd round of the state basketball tourney. Notice all the red shirts near the end of the brawl. Which team wears red unis? Oh yeah, the one called the bloods. Watch video of previously mentioned brawl here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This blog is as dead as Georgia Tech's recruiting efforts

While it has been duly noted which teams had amazing signing classes, little attention has been paid to teams who manage to be good despite having very little success signing four and five star athletes, thus giving a modicum of credence to the idea that recruiting rankings are meaningless (note: I do not endorse this idea, whatsoever). Here's a list of sorts, beginning with teams not ranked in the Top 25 of the Rivals Team Recruiting rankings.
1:Utah- Rivals ranked their class 44, and the team manages to almost never lose. Bama's Number One Recruiting class can still get that ass whipped by Kyle Whittingham's lot comprised of two and three star dandys.
2:Georgia Tech: Rivals Ranked the Yellow Jackets a measly 50, one ahead of Duke, but Georgia Tech stunned UGA in Athens en route to a Peach Bowl berth in Paul Johnson's first year. Chan Gailey didn't do much better than Johnson on the recruiting trail during his days at Tech either
3: Oregon: I was surprised at Oregon's ranking of 32. Oregon is always about three qb non-injuries away from a BCS Bowl, it seems.
4:Virginia Tech: Va. TEch comes in at 24, which seems a bit low for the team most likely to win the ACC every year.
5: Oregon State: The team with the 54th best recruiting class is almost guaranteed two wins over USC during the time these mediocre football players spend in Corvallis.
6:BYU: Does having a mostly white signing class receive penalty points by Rivals? It would seem so to justify the Cougars 52nd ranking. This team is guaranteed to be tough over the next fur years and will probably win at least 9 games in each of the upcoming years.
7: Cincinnati: Cincy gets the 60th best ranking by Rivals after playing in the Orange Bowl. This team has steadily improved over the past few seasons and I don't see the Bearcats stepping back this season.
8: Wake at 64 is pretty normal, except that Jim Grobe's teams have performed well for the past few years.
9: Boston College at 70?
10: Boise at 71 really blows my mind. It's obvious that Boise's teams are under-talented, but does it matter with an offensive wizard like Chris Peterson controlling the trickery? This is probably the best example of a really good team with shitty talent.
11: TCU: The Horned Frogs play some damn good defense and will continue to do so, regardless of the 46th Rivals slot.