Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turning to the Classics for Inspiration

So when your coach leaves for Tulsa and your offensive coordinator heads for Bama after your school's first successful season in eons, it's time to turn that educated mind toward revenge mode. Or, at least that's what Rice University's marching band did this weeekend during the halftime of their game against Tulsa. And, what could be a better source for revenge than Dante's Divine Comedy? You'll probably read about this elsewhere, but this is just too effing funny to leave out. I'm sure the football fans from Tulsa all fell into What the hell? mode mode when the band pulled this shenanigan. However, Conference USA officials, after hearing that the Owls ave already planned to tackle Ulysses during the UAB game next season and Aristophanes' The Birds against Southern Miss are busy discussing just how to prevent the Rice Band from overeducating the rest of the conference before things get out of hand.


Old Man Crews said...

I have to say the MOB (Marching Owl Band) is the greatest band ever. They often don't even have uniforms and sometimes march randomly all over the field. The best was during my days at U of H, when a couple of MOBsters disguised themselves as UofH students and joined the Cougar Band. During the UofH bands performance at the Rice game, the pranksters tore off their UofH uniforms and ran around all over the field in MOB t-shirts creating a hilarious mess of the UofH halftime show.

caddy said...

i hadnt heard about this, but it's awesome!