Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Message To You Rudy

Rudy Carpenter hasn't had all that bad of a year. He has thrown for more than 2700 yards and tossed 21 touchdowns. Not exactly Tim Tebow type statistics, but, at the present moment, he has the 14th best quarterback rating in the nation. His most outstanding statistic, however, is that Mr. Carpenter has been sacked an astronomical 48 times, which is only equaled by Andrew Robinson of Syracuse, the 62nd rated passer. If Rudy goes down a few more times in the finale against arch-rival Arizona, he'll be the most sacked quarterback in Division 1A, which is quite an impressive feat, to say the least. You just can't keep Rudy Carpenter on the turf for long. Cut his lip while knocking his helmet off, Ray Maualuga, and what do you get in return? A snarling, pissed off Rudy, just clamoring to be sacked again. He definitely gets the Bama Realist Achievement Award in the area of Excellence in Resilience. That is, unless Mr. Robinson doesn't take the title from him next week.

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