Saturday, November 24, 2007

Man Up, motherfucker!!!!!!man Up!

Last weekend, Bryant Denny Stadium was listed as a sellout, but when the game started, 20,000 fewer fans than expected showed up following the previous week's lackluster performance against Mississippi State. So, the most embarrassing loss since the loss to Northern Illinois was spawned, and another small, unheralded program (this time ULM) enjoyed a huge win on Alabama's home field. Yeah, Alabama loses to these teams, but remember when the Tide wasted Florida twice in 1999 and still managed to lose to La Tech. The 2000s haven't been kind to The Tide. Believe that shit. This excellent Trillville tune exemplifies what Bama must do against Auburn this year. It's a call to arms for the fans to fucking man up and not be the pussy-ass fans who left the Monroe game at halftime. So, if Bama has a fucking fighting chance against the AU this year, we, the fans, and the team have to man up, motherfuckers. It's that easy.

author's note: this isn't a real Trillville vid, and I don't endorse anime bullshit whatsoever, but it was the best I could get for Man Up. Apparently, this Trillville track isn't on the latest jock jams series, nor was it important enough for the crew to film a proper vid. The song is appropriate for every game played upon a gridiron, and this one in particular.

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