Friday, November 23, 2007

85 Iron Bowl-As Good As It Gets

This is one of my favorite memories as a kid. I would get sick to my stomach when the Tide would be in a tight game, and once I feigned severe bowel problems when I thought UGA had whipped Alabama. However, the Tide actually won that game and I learned to tough it out. So, our family was huddled in the living room of our new house and my dad's friend Mickey and his family were over watching the game and enjoying a few beverages. I had difficulty watching Van Tiffin line up for the kick and when it became apparent that the kick was good, the whole house erupted. I jumped on my dad's shoulders and he carried me around the room yelling. Everyone in the house was in disbelief of the victory but loving the moment. I think this game, more than any other, helped define my love of the Tide.

Actually, Big Al's roller skate may be the best part of this video. Shula's numbers were so Shula and so 80's Bama, but so perfect for the team. Also, this had to be the biggest win of Ray Perkins' career, and the flustered look on Pat Dye's face makes the comeback even more priceless. It was so easy to dislike Auburn when Dye was the coach. Auburn fans hated Bowden more than Bama fans, I think, and it's kind of impossible to hate Tommy "the hay is in the barn" Tuberville, unless you happen to be an Ole Miss fan, that is. I'll publish an Auburn win later today to keep my realist perspective in the forefront.

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