Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Broadway Joe Does Hollywood

Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is slated to portray Joe Namath in a biopic about the legendary quarterback's life. Namath agreed to have this movie made only after finding out that Gyllenhaal would be playing him. I find a movie about the life of Namath to be very intriguing for several reasons:

1: It may be the first time in the last two decades that my father has left the house to go to a movie theater to see any movie. I think the last movie he saw in the theater was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

2: Seeing if Gyllenhaal will look as good as Joe in a pair of panty hose.

3: Finding out who will portray Bear Bryant. I'm guessing Tom Berenger may be a shoo-in once again after the overwhelming success of The Junction Boys.

4: Waiting to see if Gyllenhaal backs out and if ESPN will purchase the rights to the movie and opt for Wilmer Valderrama to portray Joe Willie. If Joe gets tanked enough, he'll never know the difference.

5: And, finally, anxiously anticipating Suzy Kolber portraying herself.

Seriously, though, this should be a good movie, and especially so if it delves into the darker side of Namath's post-football life.

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jrsuicide said...

i'm betting very little of the movie will focus on Joe's college career, i'll be willing to bet that almost the entire movie will be about the Super Bowl and the week leading up to it with flashbacks of his career and maybe a bit of the Bear and Tide for good measure.