Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bama-Auburn Prediction

So, after publishing my man-up post very very early this morning, I may seem to be backsliding a bit. With less than six hours remaining before kickoff, I'm nervous with anticipation regarding how Alabama will perform. Will the Alabama team that beat Tennessee and Arkansas show p, or will the unsparked, blundering mass of impoverished football that lost to ULM last week take the field on the Plains this eve? Auburn, in a lesser way, has e same problem. Will the Tigers that beat UF at The Swamp in early October re-emerge, or will the team that really didn't play the second half two weeks ago in Athens continue to play poorly. Both teams quarterbacks have been huge factors in their teams' losses this year and Bama lack senior leadership from some of its best players (DJ Hall, Keith Brown and Simeon Castille). If Bama shows a few flashes of brilliance on offense that glistened against Tennessee and plays stellar defense as demonstrated in the LSU game, then Bama has a great chance of ending the five-year drought in the Iron Bowl. However, if a mediocre Tide takes the field, this one could get ugly. I hope Bama wins and I wold take the points, but I think the game will be decided by a two or three point margin. Classic Iron Bowl and I'm not predicting a winner.

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