Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Turkey Bowl

 reports that the 84th Annual Turkey Bowl featuring Tuskegee and Alabama State ended in a 51-51 tie in overtime. Scratch that. gives live updates on I-AA games, too. Badass. Tuskegee is now up 58-51 in a game that promises to be far more exciting than the Iron Bowl. I should have driven up to Montgomery to catch the action instead of sitting around watching my fantasy team take a 29-0 lead, due mostly to Detroit's kicker J. Hanson. Bama State has now tied up what might be one of the most exciting games to happen in the state of Alabama in ages. I may have time to catch the finale if I drive to Montgomery pronto. Alabama St. outscored Tuskegee 22-7 in the fourth before taking the game to overtime. Tuskegee just scored again. 64-58! According to my calculations, the two teams are in the 4th OT. I just found out that Tuskegee has outscore opponents by a 440-84 margin up to this point in the season, and Jacary Atkinson, the Golden Tigers' qb has put up "He has piled up 2,425 yards and 27 touchdowns passing. He has completed 59% of his passes and his amazing 188 passing efficiency rating is first in the nation ( He'll definitely be profiled this weekend when I rate the best quarterbacks playing for colleges and universities in the state.
Okay, it appears that Tuskegee has won 64-58. More later on this insane Turkey Bowl finish.

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