Saturday, December 1, 2007

belated, but

Happy Birthday, Bo.

Yesterday marked the the birthday of the greatest running back ever born in the state of Alabama. The Realist salutes Vincent Bo Jackson, 1985 Heisman trophy winner and two sport professional badass. He also should receive the most credit for helping Auburn move to the same level of football awesomeness that Bama had solely enjoyed up until the 1982 season, Bo's freshman year. Here's one that helped notch his legendary Iron Bowl status. ESPN commemorates his greatness here.

And here's how awesome Bo was on Tecmo Super Bowl

And here are some highlights from his Raiders days. This clip features his most famous touchdown run, the 91 yarder against the Seahawks his rookie year during which he disappears into the tunnel and doesn't return for what seems to be a long time. Later in the game, he totally exposes Brian Bosworth by flattening him. From that point on, everything Bo did became part of the legend. From his baseball heroics to more amazing NFL runs,his success really re-opened the doors for other two-sport professional athletes. Today, Bo is a successful businessman, a driver of a hulking pickup a top-notch hunter and father. He's 45, and his legend seems to grow each college football season. If you never saw Bo play. I salute you Bo, master of running backs, smasher of home runs, and killer of wild game.

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