Monday, December 31, 2007

In the Battle for Independence, freedom comes at a high price...

Okay, Bama actually improved upon last season's 6-7 campaign, and the 30-24 Independence Bowl victory is a nice end to a very schizophrenic season. For the first 25 minutes of last night' contest, the Tide played some of it best football of the season. Matt Caddell played like an All-American and even partially blocked a punt. Nikita Stover's front flip into the end zone was hilariously awesome, and Rolando McClain was making some tremendous hits on the Buffaloes. Then, Wilson tossed a pick and Bama became Bama. Colorado almost came back, but Bama was able to prevent a crazy lateral-infused final play from going the distance, thus preserving the victory. Obviously, Colorado isn't a great team, but did earn victories of Oklahoma and Nebraska this season. Alabama's largest problem was highlighted throughout the second half, and that malady is the team's ability to play consistently for a 60-minute period. Saban is really trying to get the players to put forth the same effort on every play, but this has been Bama's problem all season long. Hopefully, a better, more-focused Tide will take the field next September.

On a side note, I suffered a football related injury from celebrating late in the game. I leapt in the air and landed hard on my ankle. In my inebriated state, I was still able to dance after the win, but, this morning, it looked as if a tennis ball was in place of my ankle. Not good. I have employed a bag of ice and a self-adhering bandage, so all should be well this evening.

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