Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Oh, woe is us...it's one-eight-seven on the thug apologists

My co-coach J.R. Suicide has written all that matters on the subject of our defeat in the Boozehounds fantasy football finals. None of our players performed well, the lone exceptions being The Bears defense (a team we ingeniously benched) and our kicker (Josh Brown). We sucked it up bigtime and scored fewer points than any other team in the league. However, I feel that this is the nature of the fantasy football playoffs. We made the championship because we didn't have Romo or Brady, who both led fantasy geeks across America to the promised land only to put up zilch two weeks ago. Yeah, no shirts for us this year, no steak dinners and Logan's and no making it rain at Topper's after the would-be victory. So, I sit alone, in my Santa suit in the dark, weeping and drinking a bottle of cheap wine, enjoying the holidays in quiet solitude.

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