Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'll have a Chargrilled chicken sanwich, a medium waffle fries an large Coke and, oh, a GHSA high school playoff game to go

This tale I heard this yesterday on 960 am cannot completely verified, but it appears that the GHSA state football playoffs have pulled some Friday Night Lights type site decision making, but have possibly even taken the situation a bit further. A new GHSA rule deems that teams meeting in the playoffs with the same regional seeding will have the home site determined by a coin toss. So, Athens Academy Coach Mike Gunn met with Brookstone (Columbus, Ga.) coach Blair Harrison at a neutral site, a Chick-Fil-A Peachtree City in attempt to determine the site of last night's playoff game. No GHSA officials were present, so the two coaches chose a random customer to flip a coin. Athens Academy won the coin flip and home field advantage for last night's 1A state quarterfinal game. Athens Academy won the game 14-13 on a late touchdown with less than two minutes remaining.
The Spartans are now headed for the Dome for next weekend's semi-final match-up.

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