Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick thoughts about the bowl season thus far

A: Winning a Heisman almost guarantees your team losing its bowl game. This isn't always true, but it seems to work to the other team's advantage most of the time.
B: Joe McKnight is the best freshman running back in the nation.
C: I really should have watched the end of the Texas Tech win over Virginia. 17 points scored by the Red Raiders in under 4 minutes. Man, I fucking love Mike Leach.
D: Hawaii looks like a bunch of extras from Point Break teamed up with extras from The Fast and the Furious to form a Gridiron Gang that gets blown the fuck out in New Orleans by UGA.
E: UGA obviously took the Sugar Bowl very seriously. Now, if the Dawgs can just beat South Carolina and Tennessee next season...
F:Bob Stoops' Oklahoma teams can really play shitty in some bowl games.
G: Missouri deserved a BCS bid this year.
H: USC is once again the best team in the nation at the end of the season. I would love to see a four-team playoff this year.
I: West Fucking Virginia doesn't need Rich Rodriguez to run the spread. The Mountaineers seem to play better defense when he's not present anyway.
J: Auburn managed to slightly impove upon its season scoring average (16.6 ppg) against Clemson during regulation. Given the fact that the Tigers changed offenses a month ago, I would say this only bodes well for the team next year.
K: Jamal Charles is a total fucking badass.
L: Ditto for Tony Temple and Rashard Mendenhall.
M: So far, East Carolina has pulled the biggest bowl upset.
N: The only thing more annoying than the amount of commercials during BCS bowl games is the unnaturally lengthy time spent for bizzarro halftime shows.
O: The On the Road With Todd Blackledge retrospective during the Rose Bowl was a bit much, don't you think.
P: So far, the lower-tier bowl games have been much better than the BCS games.
Q: Kodi Burns is a badass.
R: Bama can blow a lead better than most teams.
S: I don't understand the correlation sports analysts are making today between Michigan beating Florida and Ohio State beating LSU. Don't they understand that each team has its own players. I don't believe in conference karma, do you?
T: Bonerama performing TheNatinal Anthem at the Sugar Bowl? Bomerama! Bonerama! Bonerama???


caddy said...

sm and i also liked the high school band doc at halftime, when this jr in high school said, of going to the state band competition, "i know i will remember it forever. it will be better than when i get married."

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