Saturday, January 5, 2008

High School All Stars

Man, three high school all-star games is a good deal for any college football fan to take in on an early January Saturday, so I managed to watch only two, the Army and the Under Armor. Here are a few observations from my viewing:
a: Terelle Pryor is going to rule the Big 10 running the veer spread. He's a man playing among boys in this game.
b: Sam McGuffie better hit the Owen Schmitt diet and beef the fuck up. He's a sick athlete, but he pretty much got stuffed every time he ran the ball.
c: Julio Jones doesn't need to play in any all-star games.
d: AJ Green can return the fuck out of a punt.
e: Everybody is fucking going to Michigan.
f: Lil Sean Glennon (Mike) is following in big bro's footsteps.
g: I kept wanting Julio Jones to remove the "undecided" tag and just put on that Bama cap.
h: Where are the Auburn players in the game.
i: Ryan Williams can fucking scat.
j: EJ Manuel may be the spark that FSU needs to actually win some games so Bobby can retire.
K: Josh Jarboe should be a rapper if a football career doesn't work out.

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jrsuicide said...

the Auburn recruits are all Juco transfers and Hargrove kids. they can't read so good but they can ball...let's hope.