Thursday, January 24, 2008

Danny Ware is Important...

Former UGA starter/bust Danny Ware is the 101st most important player in this year's Super Bowl, according to Scouts Inc (as reported by Ware, a late addition to the New York Giants roster is there mostly because Michael Strahan thinks he's kind of cute. Scouts Inc. also rates Eli Manning as the 15th most important player in the Super Bowl, which lends a climate of non-credibility to Scouts Inc.'s ranking system. Okay, how is Plaxico Burress, the 6th most important player going to flex his import if Eli isn't throwing the ball to him? Oh, wait, I forgot the Giants have Jared Lorenzen and Anthony Wright backing up Eli. Man, I would love to see the spread if Anthony Wright started the game against the Pats. Either he or Lorenzen would be amazing in the game. Um, psyche! If Lil Bro Manning or Brady somehow become seriously injured prior to the game, the game would most likely be ripped off the board in Vegas. If Plaxico doesn't play, the spread may increase a point or two. Therefore, Scouts Inc. and ESPN are full of shit, which is not really new news to anyone.

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