Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pete gone git crunk, shawty?

The Falcons want to discuss making Pete Carroll the new head football coach and director of football operations. Carroll, politely, is willing to listen. However, he's listened to about five other teams who have wanted to hire him. Hmmm, let's think about these options. Carroll can either (a) stay at USC, live in Los Angeles, eat Pinkberry, be in the BCS title hunt every single season, hang out with Will Ferrell and Snoop, keep street cred by recruiting kids in South Central, become an icon and live an totally amazing existence
he could (b) move to Atlanta, turn the Falcons into a 4-12 NFC powerhouse next season, watch his NFL coaching cred diminish even further, lose legendary coaching status, hang out with whiny-ass bitches like DeAngelo Hall, eat at the Varsity and return to college coaching within three years.

Now why do I think he may just stay at USC? Am I fucking Crazy?

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caddy said...

yeah, i dont see him coming either. i mean, maybe for some nfl team that was awesome, or close to awesome, but the falcons? nope.