Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fuck marching bands, let's get some classic rock up in this bitch!

As far as halftime bowl entertainment is concerned, the Orange Bowl has straight pulled the coup this year. Fuck a BCS Championship game, fuck West Fucking Virginia, Fuck Hawaii's maori dancing asses and coke dealer/surfer burnout looks, definitely fuck Bonerama and Fuck The Tournament of Roses because ZZ Top played at the Orange Bowl. After the first riff sounded from Billy Gibbons' guitar, the entire Bowl Championship Series becomes an afterthought. That's right ZZ Top came to the Orange Bowl, rocked everyone's souls into submission with Sharp Dressed Man and took off. No medley here. One song was enough to get Frank Beamer's Hokies playing Beamer ball in the second half. That's right, Beamer hired ZZ Top to perform, knowing it would give Va Tech a much-needed second half surge. The conspiracy definitely worked, for Beamer's special teamers only trail by three. Okay, they eventually lost the game, but, without ZZ Top, there's no way VA Tech would have had a punt return for a td in the second half.


cocaine bref said...

I was flippin out during this shit.

why in the fuck we didnt go see them this summer, i'll never know!

kenniebloggins said...

I totally agree, DJ. They just fucking stunned the crowd and then left. We totally need to have a beard jam or something and go see them the next time they play.