Monday, August 25, 2008

SEC West Predictions

1: Iron Bowl Winner
2: Iron Bowl Runner Up
3: LSU
4: Ole Miss
5: Mississippi St
6: Arkansas

I'm probably the only person who has predicted in this manner, but I think the team going to the Dome in December from the West will be the winner of the Iron Bowl. LSU's qb situation is not favorable. Yes, the Baton Rouge Tigers have more talent overall than Auburn or Bama, but not having game-tested qb will hurt LSU's chances. Also, anyone who thinks LSU's defense will be better without Dorsey and Steltz probably should be writing a bunch of shit that ends in eaux.

Ole Miss will be much improved with Nutt as coach. Believe that.

Mississippi St. is due a reality check.

Arkansas will probably beat a team the Hags shouldn't, but Petrino probably needs a year or two to really get shit poppin.'

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