Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SEC EAST Predictions

1: UGA
2: Tennessee
3: Florida
4:South Carolina
5: Ky
6: Vandy

Okay, this is probably not a popular prediction, as I pick Florida to finish third in the East for the second year in a row. Probably, it's pretty stupid, but I don't believe in Florida's defense at all. Florida lost to a very mediocre Michigan team in its last game and returns a powerful offense, for sure. A defense that gives up that many points probably needs to be located in Nebraska and not Florida, but the Gators believe their young defense will improve with age. Whatever. Either the scheme sucks or the guys just aren't that good. Possibly a combo, too.

UGA could easily land in the third spot, as could Tennessee. UGA has been picked to be everybody's national champions, so the glory may just explode in their faces in a manner remiscent of some of Ron Jeremy's sexual encounters. Tenessee has an amazing ground game, the team's best receiver returning in Lucas Taylor and a solid defense (supposedly), but it'll be up to Jonathon Crompton to see if he can lead the Vols back to the Dome and save Fats Fulmer's job.

Okay, Florida willmost likely win the fucking East, but I gotta make shit interesting.

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