Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts on Round Two of the NCAA tourney

The 2nd round of the 2008 NCAA tourney was nothing short of stunning. Nothing like last year's event, to say the least. Stanford vs Marquette was a major nailbiter, as was the Texas A&M-UCLA match-up. The Tennessee-Butler game was exactly what I expected, and even my liking of Butler did not dissuade me from picking Tennessee. I knew that shit would go the distance, though. Georgetown fucked up bigtime. And, Michigan State finally decided to play some ball. Most people were sucking Pitt off with good reason (including kenniebloggins), and it's sad to see LaVance Fields and co. go home. But man, fuck it, when a team is hot, they are fucking on fire and that is the MSU Spartans. West Fucking Virginia beat Duke and I can't believed I choked on picking them. Good fucking team. And, of the one seeds, UNC was by far the hottest in the second round. They just blew the fuck past a tough Arkansas squad. Washington St. looks hot too, but those hippies probably need to begin thinking about next season. Louisville was sick against Oklahoma. So after two rounds, I am sweet upon the following teams:
UNC, Stanford and Michigan St. (due to monetary concerns)
West Fucking Virginia (cuz Huggins loves West Fucking Va.)
Kansas and UCLA (duh)
and Davidson, just because... (Sorry Hoyas, you guys fucked my bracket)...
and I'm giving Tennessee some love, too. The Tennessee-Louisville game should be incredible.

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