Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Goodnight sweet Shaun Alexander?

Earlier this week, Seattle signed Cowboys starting running back Julius Jones to a four-year deal worth about three million dollars per year. Last week, the Seahawks also signed TJ Duckett to a multi-year deal. Is Shaun Alexander on his way out in Seatown? Probably so, would be my guess. Alexander has been injured during a large portion of the past two seasons, and his contract is astronomical. When his thirty years of age are added into the equation, it makes total sense for Seattle to cut their former stud rb. The most interesting part of Jones' departure from Dallas is that the Cowboys are left with Marion Barber as a lone number one running back. It seems likely that Jerry Jones obsession with drafting Darren McFadden may come to fruition if the Cowboys can trade up in the draft to be in a position to draft DMac. I'm not really the biggest Cowboys fan in the world, but it would be pretty awesome for McFadden to actually play for a professional team that is perennial in the national spotlight.

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