Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fuck your brackets!

Man, I'm so tired of hearing my co-worker talk about how he is going to win the NCAA tourney Pick'em I put together if Xavier makes it to the Final Four. Man, I could really give a fuck. Two of my three remaining Calcutta teams went out last night, leaving UNC to either win money for my partner and me, or lose everything. Man, having your bracket burst when you have $10 invested is nothing compared to dropping few hundred which is nothing compared to what degenerate gamblers do on a weekly basis, so my superior attitude is bullshit. Anyway, Davidson survives with the entire student body and Lebron James watching the game in Detroit. Wisconsin never exploited its size advantage and entered a shooting battle. Texas' guard play demolished Stanford and Memphis straight destroyed Michigan State. If Memphis can get by Texas, I do have a great chance of winning the other pool I entered, but then again, $60 ain't shit.

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