Thursday, March 20, 2008

All Hail Michael Beasley

Thoughts from Day One of the 2008 NCAA Tournament...
1: If your season starts with a loss at home to Mercer, it should justifiably end with being upset by Kansas State. It's okay OJ Mayo, if you stay next year, maybe you can room with Lil Romeo.
2: Belmont is in Tennessee, if you are still wondering. They also need to learn a new inbounds play or two.
3: Georgia can't trick teams in the MIdwest by playing slowed down 1980s era high schoolesque basketball.
4: Kansas looks pretty damn ready to go far.
5: Purdue and Michigan State are playing better than anticipated. Pitt and Stanford look good.
6: Kent sucks.
7: Duke is not a good tournament team any more.
8: Who gives a fuck about Dionte Christmas?
9: Why does Coach K always dress the same? For like, ever. Does he go swimming in that suit?
10: West Virginia is playing pretty well at the moment, despite being coached by Bob Huggins. Seniors on the team will never graduate. That is almost a fact, as far as Huggins is concerned.

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Huevos McGringo said...

weird thing about huggins' graduation rate is that apparently he was a two time academic all-american at WVU. go figure.