Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Darren Mcfadden should be an Atl. Falcon

So, it's official. The Falcons will have the 3rd overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft. Hopefully, the Falcons will select a player who will not only help the team's chances of improving in the immediate future but also will help fill the superstar void left by the dismissal/imprisonment of Michael Vick. That player, most sensibly, is Darren McFadden. Here are a few reasons why the Falcons should select D-Mac on Draft Day.
A: McFadden is from Arkansas, and Arkansas is in the SEC. Georgians tend to love SEC football, and McFadden is the league's biggest available superstar and best offensive prospect.
B: Mike Smith comes from run-oriented and defensive-minded Jacksonville. He has witnessed how a two-back run-oriented system can help a strong defensive unit win football games. At Jacksonville, the Jags have Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. In Atlanta, he could potentially have Jerious Norwood and McFadden. This combo could be potentially one of the most awesome in the NFL, and would give Falcons fans a reason to come back to the Dome.
C: By drafting McFadden, the Falcons could allow Warrick Dunn to leave and finish his career for a team which might have a chance of winning the Super Bowl. Dunn's been a great player for Atlanta, but he deserves to finish his career on a winning team.
D: McFadden is an automobile afficionado, as demonstrated here. I cannot even imagine what his Atl. hood ride might look like.
E: McFadden has been known to get into altercations at clubs, and what better city exists to get into club brawls than Atlanta? Okay, bad reason.
F: He got that wood!

Seriously, if the Falcons draft wisely and take McFadden, I'll immediately go out and buy a Mcfadden jersey and then proceed to get as drunk as possible and go to as many Falcons home games as possible while he's with the team. Shit, I may even move to Atlanta jut to say I live in the same city as McFadden. However, I see a defensive player or qb as the Falcons future number one selection.


Old Man Crews said...

G. that 4.33 40-yard dash is awesome.

kenniebloggins said...

Apparently, he ran an unofficial 4.27, too. He also has two little DMacs in some baby mamas ovens.