Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Man, I really fucking hate the ESPN greatest highlight poll. Who cares? How can an amazing highlight from one sport be superlative to one from another. Cross-sports polls are the stupidest things ever invented. When I was a kid, ESPN was awesome. I could watch CFL football, AWA wrestling, monster truck rallies, bass fishing, and replays for days of college football games. It was the best thing ever. Now, instead, we get to watch tripe such as "Who's the Most Now," and "Which highlight is the greatest," and Cold Pizza, which is totally girly now that Woody is gone (not that I endorse Woody). Sports used to be for dudes who liked sports. Over the past, I dunno, 25 years or so, ESPN has slowly made sports something that belongs on E! or something that total douchebags who never even played tee-ball feel like kings, because it is a network created by and for douchebags. Not that this is news to anyone, but I felt a rant coming on and I needed to take full advantage of the situation.

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