Thursday, February 21, 2008

When sport are getting boring, watch some dance videos

This is a clip of a drunken Jamaican woman having a misstep during a dutty wine competiton. Don't laugh too hard, though. This dance is dangerous. One late night a few weeks ago S. and I were having dance club practice and I was trying to learn the dutty wine with her. I'm not supposed to even be doing this dance, for it's a woman's dance (though there is a similar dance for dudes, which may even have the same name). We had been practicing for about 20 minutes or so when the accident occurred. It happened at the point where the dancer begins frantically swinging her (or in my case his) head. I swung to the right and S. swung hers to the left and my teeth hit her scalp. I was knocked out on the floor and she had a gigantic bruise on the top of her head. Pretty awesome. Essentially, the accident brought an end to dance club.

Here is how the dance should look... This is the Tony Matterhorn video.

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