Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NSD...One Week Later

So, I allowed almost a whole week to elapse before writing a post about national signing day. Alabama was ranked number one nationally by both Rivals and Scout after landing wide-receiver man-child Julio Jones in a rather subdued nationally televised signing moment. In one day, Nick Saban landed more four and five star recruits than Mike Shula did during his entire tenure with the school. Granted, this is the first year in the past five years that Bama has been at full-scholarship potential, due to hardship engendered by a lengthy probation period. Therefore Alabama was able to sign more recruits than some of its competitors. My biggest concern of this stellar recruiting class has nothing to do with with players, whether new or current. The biggest issue rests with the Tide/Saban nation. If everyone will chill the fuck out, ride out this season and not expect a miracle, awesome things should happen. If Bama fans go fucking apeshit, then the bottom will drop out of this motherfucker and my 11-month old nephew will be a grown ass man before Alabama's football team is anywhere near a perennial powerhouse. So, let's fucking stay cool and see what happens. 'kay?

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