Tuesday, December 23, 2008

another awesomely amazingly shitty coach auburn forgot to hire instead of Gene Chizik

Darrell Dickey: Dickey was so awesome at North Texas that when they fired his ass, he made their usual jerseys disappear and forced the team to play its final game in generic middle school tearaway practice uniforms. He's now the Utah State offensive coordinator, so perhaps Auburn will give some serious thought to hiring him as Chizik's replacement.

Honorable mention goes to Ted Roof, Duke's one-time coach who was so committed to the tradition of keeping Duke at the bottom of the ACC that the school actually forgot he was coach and hired David Cutcliffe to give the Blue Devils at least a modicum of lower-tier respectability.


jrsuicide said...

although dickey did go out like a chump, he actually won 4 straight sun belt titles in the early 90s before they started to suck.

jrsuicide said...

i meant early 2000s

kenniebloggins said...

Auburn did hire Ted Roof as d.c.!