Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SEC shootaround...Looking back at the first six games

So, Alabama is undefeated through six games for the fist time since the 2005 campaign featuring the juggernaut that was the Brodie Croyle led Crimson Tide offense. Okay, this team appears to be far more solid than the 2005 team that was 9-0 before losing to LSU and Auburn and didn't score a passing t.d. for six weeks. So far, I am cautiously optimistic about Bama's chances of having a good second half of the season, but games against Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, AUburn and an imminent Crooming against Miss. State are all daunting. But the Tide has played extremely well in big games thus far, so hopefully the trend will continue.

This week is huge for LSU, Florida, Vandy and UGA, and Tennessee's season could turn around if the Vols prevail over UGA. IF LSU beats Florida, UGA can hit cruise control for a minute in the East (until the Commodores come to town for homecoming!) and Bama and LSU remain deadlocked in the West. Vandy is the dark horse in the East, and each week, I completely expect a meltdown, but I foresee a bowl visit for Vandy this season. It seems that Tennessee and Auburn are pretty much out of the race to win their respective divisions, but each team could play a spoiler role this season, which would alleviate some of the pain their fans must be feeling right now. So, essentially, the SEC is still a crapshoot and this post was pointless.

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