Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am a self-loathing pain in my own ass

It has been duly noted everywhere in the college football realm that Alabama is ranked second in the first BCS poll. While the Saban nation gloats over water coolers, heating and air units and toilets throughout the Southeast, I find myself woefully withdrawn from the whole shindig. I, like every other Tide fan, have suffered through the probation years and six straight losses to Auburn, so every week, when other Bama fans are getting riled and ready to watch another ass-whoopin' handed down in the first half by our beloved Tide, I kind of sigh and resign myself to another game. Maybe it's because I'm not used to Bama being good. Maybe it's because the UGA win was so fucking soul-elevating and the day was so epic, that I have found my football center-ground. Maybe it's because I'm now coaching high school sports and have my own team to worry about, but most likely, it's because I see the weaknesses of the team for what they are. Bama is really good, surprisingly good, and JPW has turned into a good game manager, which is what he always should have been. However, the team is young and thin at several positions, and, with Terrence Cody out, this Tennessee game looks daunting. A night game in Knoxville is never easy, especially with more than 100,000 Vols fans drunkenly screaming "Rocky Top," and wearing that horrendous shade of orange. All of it is enough to make a body very nauseated, but that many people wearing that much orange should be illegal. Okay, I digress. I still anticipate that Bama will get this win, but I'm still pretty nervous. Fulmer's career and Tennessee's season still hang in the balance, so the Vols have little to lose. I predict Bama to win, but they, per usual, won't cover in a game in which they are favored.

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