Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the SEC Gridiron Crybaby Award goes to...

At this juncture, no other school in the conference is even close. So far this season, UF coach Urban Meyer has not only criticized UGA's end zone celebration is last year's victory over the Gators but also criticized the NCAA for changing clock rules and, on average, shortening the length of games by about eight minutes. Now, UF fans' have their collective granny panties in a wad over Ricky Jean-Francois' comments regarding taking Tim Tebow out of the game. Francois even remarked that he and his teammates weren't trying to injure Tebow, but rather, take him out of the game., which is what basically defensive players are supposed to do. And by "take him out of the game" Big Rick probably means that Tebow is gonna get knocked the fuck out, which is to be expected when opposing quarterbacks have to deal with the herd of stampeding bison that is the LSU defensive front.

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