Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is it just me, or does nobody really care about this Super Bowl

In my lifetime, this year's Super Bowl has to be the least hyped ever. Is it that we're in a recession and people are worried about more serious matters? I doubt it when Paul Blart, Mall Cop grossed like a bazillion dollars over its first two weekends at the box office. Is it that we have an awesome President whom we can be excited about? Probably so, though his impending inauguration didn't dampen the attention paid to the BCS Championship game. Could it be that the only team playing in the Super Bowl that 99 percent of Americans were aware existed in literal sense of the word prior to this year's playoffs was the Steelers? Most likely! And, most people I've talked to are pulling for Arizona, just because it would be kinda cool. Which is where I fall. I don't hate the Steelers, but I like Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and Dansby and Antrelle Rolle and Edgerrin James, so I guess I would prefer that the Cardinals prevail. However, do I really care? Hell no? Am I getting a vid projector this year? Hell no! Am I gonna eat myself into a wing-filled stupor by halftime? Hell naw! In all actuality, I am far more excited about the prospect of seeing The Wrestler at Beechwood this weekend, because Mickey Rourke fucking rules!

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