Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saban Bowl-errr countdown to something

So, I've enjoyed all things Bama these past few days after the albatross was hung about the collective necks of the Crimson Tide. IT took Nick Saban only 22 games to propel the Tide to the top of the AP and BCS polls, and his former school LSU would like to topple Bama after only six days. I guess it would be poetic justice if it happens, and in Baton Rouge, that definitely may be the case. Fuck it, who knows at this point. All I know is that I don't know goddamn shit about college football at this point.

However, I do like when commentators and sportswriters refer to a team as "the hottest team in the country right now," and "the hottest team is always a one loss team on the rebound a la Florida. Florida does look amazing, but the Gators did lose to Ole Miss in the Swamp like six weeks ago. Wouldn't teams that remain unbeaten still be "hotter?" Am I missing something. Oh yeah, style pts.

Michael Crabtree is the most badass player in college football after last week. He's even more badass than a croaker sack full of Tebows.

I kinda doubt that Auburn or Tennessee will lose this weekend.

Kentucky is bowl eligible for the 3rd straight year for the first time since Bear Bryant was head coach. HOLLA!

The ACC and Big East are mind-numbingly schizophrenic, as far as conferences are concerned.

UGA better rebound kinda fast before the Dawgs have to deal with Auburn and Tech. Tech looks ready this year.

Though Alabama is 9-0, the Tide is 0-6 against its final three opponents during the past two years, 0-5 against LSU over the past half-decade and 0-6 against Auburn since 2001. However, if Bama makes the SEC title game, the Tide is 1-1 against Florida since 2005. Go figure.

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