Thursday, November 27, 2008

The history of this blog

This sports blog began as an avenue for me to vent my frustrations regarding Alabama's football team, as well as another vehicle for documenting my well-known obsession with NCAA football. It began a year ago this week, and, like most blogs, it began with a flurry of posts, leveled out and then basically died once I became caught up with Alabama's success this season. However, the Iron Bowl holds a special place in my heart, and I feel that it is necessary to give it true respect each year. Yeah, I do think Alabama should win Saturday. Yeah, I do feel as if Alabama has played better football than Auburn every week of the 2008 football season. And yeah, I think Alabama has an advantage in every area of the game going into Saturday's contest. But, do I think it is a given that Alabama will prevail? HELL NAW! Anything can happen in the game, and it usually does. While Auburn's record shows that the team has not lived up to expectations, a win against Bama makes the season a success and dismantles a great deal of what the Tide has accomplished thus far in 2008. Furthermore, if Bama wins, the six straight Auburn wins are placed aside, and Nick Saban has removed that particular albatross from his neck. I think this is a tough one, but I think Bama grinds it out, old school Georgia Championship Wrestling style and wins this version of a no-dq lights out, cage match 28-13.

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