Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuberville throws up the sevens

Apparently, while on his recent tour of the Middle East, Tommy Tuberville was photographed with some troops. Nothing is outstanding about the photo, other than the fact that Tuberville was flashing seven fingers. Now, one of my Atl-minded high schoolers would have immediately thought that some old white man was tryin' to be all hood and shit and representin' a zone that doesn't exist. The Iron Bowl doesn't exist in their minds, which may be a good thing. To Bama fans, Auburn fans and other SEC fans, nobody had to ask what this meant. Apparently, some Bama fans believed the show of seven fingers to be a classless act, but Tuberville acknowledged that he was just having some fun with Auburn's six-game win streak against the Tide. I thik that Tuberville is right on. Nick Saban, Bama players and fans all know when the last time Bama beat Auburn was, and that Dennis Franchione was the coach. So, what's the big deal. Auburn has earned the right to flash the fingers, and shit, I'll be happy if Auburn fans don't start walking around in bare feet in an effort to demonstrate the correct number of wins. Okay, here's the link

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jrsuicide said...

i'm just hoping it gets to eleven so i can walk around with my dick hanging out.