Friday, May 9, 2008

Shawty you da Shit

Honestly, I knew Chris Paul was a badass when he punched Julius Hodge in the balls, and I have always been a person who feels that the Hawks not taking Paul in the draft was a bigger mistake than the Falcons letting Favre go. And I'm not gonna argue that Paul deserves the MVP over Kobe Bryant. Both players are amazing and have had amazing seasons. Granted, I have never liked Kobe, but the dude is deserving of the MVP, as is Paul. However, with moves like the one he pulled off in last night's loss to the Spurs (pictured in the clip above), it seems that neither the MVP honor or the league title will evade Mr. Paul for very long. To be succint, he fucking rules.
So, here is the tribute video, though the Dream is picturing a fine black woman, rather than a 23-year old basketball genius when he croons on this one. Enjoy your Friday night fellas, and when she makes you eggs and grits in the mornin' you should tip her.

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