Thursday, July 24, 2008

Post No. 101 is about junior tennis

Since I will embark upon my first season as a girls' high school tennis coach next spring, I found the following article to be of extremely high interest:
Girl ejected as dad tries to coach her through earpiece

Wellington, New Zealand — An 8-year-old girl was ejected from a junior tennis tournament on New Zealand's South Island when officials discovered she was wearing a radio earpiece to receive instructions from her father.

Tournament referee Rob Wilkinson said officials became suspicious because the match involving Ukranian-born Anastasiya Korzh featured a "heightened number of questioned calls."

Officials found the earpiece hidden under the girl's headband, linked by a cord to a receiver under her shirt, The Press newspaper reported.

Korzh's father said the earpiece was only being used to help the girl keep score in the under-10 tournament.

She was playing in her first tournament.

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